From time to time we get the same quesiton asked on a repeated basis, so if you think your question is a commonly asked one, then you can save time by checking our FAQ first, of course if we have not answered your question in this FAQ, we always welcome communication, via the contact page, phone or coming to see us at our office in Gaerwen.

faq below :

Frequently asked questions :

What window profile do you use ?
We use Rehau as standard and can provide up to A rated.

What door profile do you use ?
Rehau as standard, unless on composite (Please contact us for composite options).

Do you have an insurance back guarantee ?
Yes we have IWA Guarantee.

Do you have your own fitting team ?
Yes, all our fitters are fully qualified tradesmen and employed fulltime by M&G

What locking mechansim do you use on Windows / Doors ?
Windows (Espagnolette locking) , Doors (Hookbolt 5 point locking)
(Secured by design also available)

What Glass do you use in your windows ?
Pilkington energiKare. (Soft Coated)

Do you supply Tripple Glazed windows ?
Yes, avaiable upon request.

What is the window energy rating system and how does it affect me ? The system rates the enregy efficiency of windows from A to G - with A the highest rating -
just as you now see on white goods, such as fridges, freezers and washing machines.

Are you FENSA registered ?

Can i drill into Upvc Frames to hang blinds / curtains ?
Its not a problem to fix netcurtains and light weight blinds by screwing into the uPVC windows frames.
For heavier blinds and curtains, however, it would be better to use a curtain rail fixed into the wall above the window.
Remember that once you have made a hole in the upvc it is impossible to repair the hole neatly afterwards should you want
to remove the blinds.

What is the largest window that M&G do ? in upvc, aluminium and timber ? opening and fixed ?
we provide windows that are made to measure, we can usually handle any size that our cusomers ask for.

Do you offer supply and fit? ?
We don't, however, our sister company M&G Windows do.

Do you do repairs on other companies products ?
In most cases we are able to repair other companies products providing we can source the parts.
However you should note that you may be breaching your guarantee with the original installer once we ammend the work - unfortunatly we can NOT offer guarantee on repair work to products other than our own.